Casa Julio

Casa Julio

This location at the Costa del Sol is certainly one of Europe’s smartest places to escape to

Luxury penthouse

Casa Julio represents an oasis of tranquility in a luxurious penthouse on the beautiful Finca Cortesin domain on the Costa del Sol. The space, tranquility and luxury that Casa Julio offers is unique. This penthouse is located on one of the most prestigious golf courses in Spain. The absolute top resort on the Costa del Sol!

The Costa del Sol has many assets. Located on a green hill, the domain offers a unique panorama over the Mediterranean Sea. The villa apartment overlooks the hills, the garden, the swimming pool and the sea. In the nearby hotel Finca Cortesin you can choose from several restaurants, of which the Japanese restaurant has a Michelin star. And golfers will find one of the most beautiful golf courses in Spain here!

Casa Julio, an oasis of tranquility in this luxurious penthouse

On the beautiful Finca Cortesin estate on the Costa del Sol


  • January €4.500 a week
  • February €4.500 a week
  • March €4.500 a week
  • April €4.500 a week
  • May €5.500 a week
  • June €5.500 a week
  • July €5.500 a week
  • August €5.500 a week
  • September €6.500 a week
  • October €5.000 a week
  • November €4.500 a week
  • December €5.000 a week

For reservations, please contact us by mail ( or tel (+32 491 080 314). Prices for lLonger periods can be discussed on request.